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by ElectricLab

TIPI is an interface which implements a Raspberry Pi to provide networking ability and file storage for your TI-994/A computer. I worked on this project in its conception phase. I built and demonstrated the first primordial TIPI prototypes, outlined the semaphore system for TI <-> Pi comms, and wrote some of the initial networking code.

Looking to register a new account? Fire up your TIPI-enabled TI, install Stuart's web browser, and go to
(If you're seeing this page, you're using a modern computer and browser. The entire site renders differently on the TI.)

I have written some C programs that run on the TI using TIPI for networking, and have created some web-based programs and games which are noted below.

Depending on availability, you can purchase a TIPI on ArcadeShopper.

TIPI programs Below are programs created for the TIPI project.

COMBATTI is a proof-of-concept game, similar to the old Atari Combat game, but for the TI + multiplayer over the Internet by any TIPI-equipped TI-99/4A.
Emulation is not currently supported.
To play COMBATTI, you must connect to the server running at If there an open slot on the server, you will be connected to one and a game will commence. Every minute, the server will check to see how populated the server is and add bots to empty slots. When a person connects, a bot will be booted to make room. The bots' skill will vary at random, but none are too difficult. If a person leaves your game, you may have to wait up to a minute to have a bot re-join your game.

Gameplay: You can use the keyboard or joystick to control your tank. Games will run until a player reaches 20 points, after which the game will reset. If you've logged into before, your screen name will auto-populate. Stats are logged and I'm working on creating a leaderboard.

Additional info: The server is located in Dallas Texas and I've calibrated it so it plays OK over my home Internet connection. Your results might vary. Please let me know how it works for you. In my testing at home and running a local server on my LAN, this game is crazy fast.

COMBATTI is in cartridge format, and can be accessed at this URL:

Known Issues:
  • Sometimes the bots may appear to be too fast due to a timing issue. I'm working on it.
  • I want to make it so rounds fired from tanks can destroy rounds fired by opponents when they collide.

Please give it a try and let me know what you think. I'd love to hear of any issue you have playing it, or any general feedback.

CHATTI is a TIPI-based chat program/instant messenger where you can chat with other users of, right from your TI.
You can load CHATTI right from your TI in console BASIC by entering:

To log into CHATTI, enter the following information:
port: 9918

You can press BEGIN to re-enter your account info on any other screen.
Use BACK to nagivate back out of a screen to the previous one.
To scroll between pages: FCTN-E (up arrow) and FCTN-X (down arrow)

You can also download the files and save them to your TIPI: CHATTI   CHATTJ

by ElectricLab
This is a simple program to demonstrate a very simple game in TI BASIC that uses TIPI and the TIPI Netvariables extension.
Check it out here.

by ElectricLab
This is a beta version of CHESS that uses TIPI to allow for network play. It is still missing some features, but is under active development.
TIPI CHESS uses the same engine as the web version mentioned below, so you can play matches using either one.
I'd appreciate any feedback regarding bugs or issues you come across, and of course - I'd love to hear your suggestions!
You can also download the files and save them to your TIPI: CHESS   CHEST   CHESU

by ElectricLab
This is a game I put together along with an API on which allows for high scores to be synced there. This way everyone's high scores are visible on your console.
ATTN programmers: Adding this support to a game is quite easy and requires only a couple of calls to fetch high scores, and to submit scores to the server. Currently it requires having first logged into, so SNEK has a login page for this. I may remove this requirement so that it'd be even easier for anyone to add this score-syncing to their own games - it'd just be a matter of registering your game with and receiving an app GUID so that the API will accept new score submissions from your game, and allow for reading them back for display within your game. If you are interested, Please contact me and I'll share the necessary info.
You can also download the files and save them to your TIPI: SNEK   SNEL  

by BeeryMiller, added: 01/02/19
Mass Transfer for the TIPI allowing Telnet connections to BBS's with uploading and downloading capability along with a phone directory.
You can also download the files and save them to your TIPI: MXT   MXU  

Miscellaneous stuff:

Chess for the TI on the web
Play Chess

01/31/16 - I have released the first version of Chess, which you can play agains others on the web with your TI. Once I heard about Stuart Conner's web browser, I knew I had to try to make some cool games for it. Chess is my first one and I have a few ideas for others. This version of chess is still in development, and may have bugs. Please let me know if you find any.

I'd also like to point out that as of right now:

  • There is no Castling ability yet.
  • There is no En Passant support yet. It's just plain chess, as I remember playing it as a kid. If you're interested in playing against other TI retronauts, read on.

    UPDATE: Stuart's browser v9 and greater supports text input, and I have created an account creation and login page on

    I will continue to post updates as requested. My goal was to create a domain and means for coders, even in BASIC, to be able to write code that maintains account state with hosted services. These services would users to interact with online games, etc. I plan on better documentation and putting more things on github. Please ask if you have questions about how to integrate with's meager offerings. There's no need to make incorrect assumptions and poorly implement things - you have only to ask.

    Corey Anderson