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TIPI programs Below are programs created for the TIPI project. You can purchase your own TIPI on ArcadeShopper.

CHATTI is a TIPI-based chat program/instant messenger where you can chat with other users of, right from your TI.
You can load CHATTI right from your TI in console BASIC by entering:


Alternatively you can download the files and save them to your TIPI: CHATTI   CHATTJ

To use CHATTI, enter the following information:
port: 9918

You can press BEGIN to re-enter your account info on any other screen.
Use BACK to nagivate back out of a screen to the previous one.

This is a simple program to demonstrate a very simple game in TI BASIC that uses TIPI and the TIPI Netvariables extension.
Check it out here.

This is a beta version of CHESS that uses TIPI to allow for network play. It is still missing some features, but is under active development.
TIPI CHESS uses the same engine as the web version mentioned below, so you can play matches using either one.
I'd appreciate any feedback regarding bugs or issues you come across, and of course - I'd love to hear your suggestions!
You can download the files and save them to your TIPI: CHESS   CHEST   CHESU

This is a game I put together along with an API on which allows for high scores to be synced there. This way everyone's high scores are visible on your console.
ATTN programmers: Adding this support to a game is quite easy and requires only a couple of calls to fetch high scores, and to submit scores to the server. Currently it requires having first logged into, so SNEK has a login page for this. I may remove this requirement so that it'd be even easier for anyone to add this score-syncing to their own games - it'd just be a matter of registering your game with and receiving an app GUID so that the API will accept new score submissions from your game, and allow for reading them back for display within your game. If you are interested, Please contact me and I'll share the necessary info.
You can download the files and save them to your TIPI: SNEK   SNEL  



Miscellaneous stuff:
Browse Reddit on your TI, or any other URL. This xlat link will strip out unneeded text and modify it for rendering with Stuart Conner's TI web browser.
Auto-Character Definition tool

Chess for the TI on the web

01/31/16 - I have released the first version of Chess, which you can play agains others on the web with your TI. Once I heard about Stuart Conner's web browser, I knew I had to try to make some cool games for it. Chess is my first one and I have a few ideas for others. This version of chess is still in development, and may have bugs. Please let me know if you find any.

I'd also like to point out that as of right now:

  • There is no Castling ability yet.
  • There is no En Passant support yet. It's just plain chess, as I remember playing it as a kid. If you're interested in playing against other TI retronauts, read on.

    To play Chess for the TI on the web, you must have the following:
  • A TI 99/4A console.
  • 32K memory expansion.
  • A RS232 interface. Both the PEB card and NanoPEB v1 have been tested.
  • A copy of Stuart Conner's web browser for the TI, v8.2 or newer. Available Here
  • A account.

    To play chess:
    Once you have registered for a account, go to this address on your TI console:
    From there you'll be able to browse for open games, or create one yourself. You can play up to 5 simultaneous matches.

    You can save this URL to your favorites for future retrieval. The browser doesn't support text input at this time, and does not (yet) support cookies.
    This makes "logging in" a little less secure than a traditional system, and you must log in by adding your
    screen name to the URL. For example screen name: TI99FAN you would enter this into the browser:

    You can then use your PIN to complete the login process via the PIN pad by clicking on the numbers.
    You can also enter all of this information on the URL. For example if your PIN was 1234:

    This will log all the way in and bypass the tedious PIN pad.

    UPDATE: Stuart's browser v9 and greater supports text input, and I have created a login page on

    Check back often as I will be updating this site over the coming weeks.

    Corey Anderson